It’s been a while – 오랜만이에요 – Long time no see

My South Korea Adventure

Almost a year ago, I wrote my last “My South Korea Adventure” post. I’m not very good at this “blogging” thing and every time I get back on here I say I’m going to do better. Well, here goes attempt number 100,000.

A year ago, my post was about speaking to my birth family and them wanting Daniel and I to visit. Guess what? It’s happening. When I got things changed at work when Daniel and I got married, I forgot to update my W2 to be filed as married instead of single. So our first solid year of taxes together, we got a hefty refund. I have an awesome husband and he agreed that we should use some of it to go towards the purchase of Korean airline tickets. I researched some websites and found a great price on I didn’t hesitate any longer and booked them in May.

A lot of people keep asking about my excitement and if I am nervous. As the time gets closer for our trip, the more excited I get for the journey. I really wanted to go back before anyone got to old and I missed the chance of meeting them in person. I guess I have been forcing myself to not get too excited. I don’t want to go in with high expectations for the trip and then be disappointed (thanks Daniel for that mindset). I don’t think I’ll be disappointed, but I don’t really know what to expect once we are there.

For a while I’ve been telling everyone that I am not nervous, just more concerned about the language barrier. I’ve noticed the past few days that I haven’t been able to sleep as well and my tummy has been twisting and turning. And the more I think about, the more I realized the lack of good sleep and tummy knots is probably because I’m NERVOUS. Doi. For right now, I’m most nervous about what I should wear the day I meet them all…

I think a lot more emotions – that I think you all have been expecting me to experience – will come rushing forth once we board the plane for Korea or once we land in Korea. I’m so very thankful that Daniel will be able to go and experience this with me. It will be a comfort to know that my number one supporter will be by my side. I’m also thankful for my family, his family, and all our friends for all the love and support for our upcoming adventure.

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