Asian Bubbles & Self-Segregation

Something sparked this post

I’ve just stumbled upon FungBrosComedy on YouTube and this video, Asian College Bubble. The brother proceed to describe three types of Asians in the Asian College Bubble. The Bubble being the self-segregating group of Asians who study, party, and hang out together. Which I feel like is seen on any campus for any and all racial groups (well maybe not whites?). Anyway. They go on to describe three types of people in the Bubble: 1) The Natural, 2) The Intentional, and 3) The Floater. Watch the video to find out what each ones means.

I guess I would consider myself a Floater. Although, at my college, I didn’t really hang out with that many Asians. Come to think of it, I’m not sure we even had a huge Asian population. I guess being adopted helped me not really gravitate towards just one racial group. I do have more friends that are white, but it’s not intentional. Although, I do feel odd when I’m around a lot of Asians. I feel out of place because I don’t feel Asian enough. Hopefully going to this Korean class has and will continue to help me embrace my inner Asian.

To end things up, a question for the Hubs. How does Zantac keep you from getting red before drinking? Seen 25 seconds into the video. I don’t know that I really turn red when I drink, but that’s for another post!

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