Do you speak Chinese?

It happened to me


I just LOVE when one of the first sentences to me from someone I just met is, “Do you speak Chinese?” Come on people! How stereotypical can you get?

First of all, I just loved that the very first sentence from this guy was, “You look thirsty.” Thank goodness I’m married and I didn’t have to meet someone by going to bars and all that jazz. I probably would have never married if that was the case. But that’s another story.

After I kindly told the guy that I was waiting for a friend, he proceeded to ask me if I spoke Chinese and then have a conversation with me about Korea. (I made the mistake of saying, “No. I’m Korean and was adopted so I don’t know either.”). I’m so glad I went to Korea because now I can honestly say I’ve been there and did that. That way I can tell when people are just saying things to look intelligent.

This guy was all about trying to impress me. How he didn’t notice the ring I kept trying to shove in his face? I have no idea. His eyesight must have been poorly deduced by all those satisfying thirst-quenching beers. I got a lot of “I went here and there”. He didn’t even pronounce one of the places correctly.

Anyway. He tried to impress me most by mentioning kimchi and how he had a great love for the dish. “I can’t tell a lot of people I love it though.” Of course I asked why he felt that he couldn’t tell anyone. “Because Americans hate healthy foods.” Oh you poor soul.

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