What Kind of Asian Are You?

Something sparked this post

This is hilarious. Next time someone asks me, “What are you? Where are you from?” I’m going to respond in the same kind of way. Hopefully it will happen soon so I can blog about the reaction!


Do you speak Chinese?

It happened to me


I just LOVE when one of the first sentences to me from someone I just met is, “Do you speak Chinese?” Come on people! How stereotypical can you get?

First of all, I just loved that the very first sentence from this guy was, “You look thirsty.” Thank goodness I’m married and I didn’t have to meet someone by going to bars and all that jazz. I probably would have never married if that was the case. But that’s another story.

After I kindly told the guy that I was waiting for a friend, he proceeded to ask me if I spoke Chinese and then have a conversation with me about Korea. (I made the mistake of saying, “No. I’m Korean and was adopted so I don’t know either.”). I’m so glad I went to Korea because now I can honestly say I’ve been there and did that. That way I can tell when people are just saying things to look intelligent.

This guy was all about trying to impress me. How he didn’t notice the ring I kept trying to shove in his face? I have no idea. His eyesight must have been poorly deduced by all those satisfying thirst-quenching beers. I got a lot of “I went here and there”. He didn’t even pronounce one of the places correctly.

Anyway. He tried to impress me most by mentioning kimchi and how he had a great love for the dish. “I can’t tell a lot of people I love it though.” Of course I asked why he felt that he couldn’t tell anyone. “Because Americans hate healthy foods.” Oh you poor soul.