NPR’s series “The Changing Lives of Women”

Something sparked this post

There is a great series happening with NPR called, The Changing Lives of Women.

It first caught my attention because I am a computer programmer. A female computer programmer. A minority computer programmer. A minority female computer programmer. That’s a mouthful. Wow, seeing that all written out, maybe that’s how I got the job (sarcasm but slight skepticism sets in my thoughts).

But that is a rant for another day.

I was reading through some of the articles and found one titled, “For Chinese Women, Marriage Depends on Right ‘Bride Price’.” Now, I know some of my dearest friends are thinking, “Wait a minute, you aren’t Chinese. You’re Korean.” Well of course this is true, but I never said I wouldn’t write about other Asian countries.

It’s crazy to think that if I hadn’t been adopted, I could possibly be in this situation where families still make deals for marrying off their daughters. I am assuming in this article the two people already knew each other, but they still held up the traditions of a Chinese wedding. I think it is interesting to step back and think about how things were and how things are now. But, I am so grateful that I had the ability/opportunity to make my own decision for who I would marry and spend the rest of my life loving. It would be pretty neat to be a part of a crazy tradition like this article, “Bride Price”.  But then again, I like to make my own decisions on important life changes…

Guys, can you imagine paying over $11,000 to the woman’s parents that you want to marry? I laugh aloud imagining my husband meeting with my folks and handing them $11,000 dollars to have their blessing to marry me. I think it is just hilarious.

Traditional Bride and Groom Wedding Attire

Traditional Bride and Groom Wedding Attire

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