It Really Is A Small World

Others' Adventures

Wow. I haven’t blogged since November. Oops.

I’ve recently decided that this blog will not be just about me. I’ve obviously become older and wiser and come to the realization that there are much more interesting people out there than me. So I’m going to revamp this blog and write about mine and other people’s experiences with an overall theme of Asian adoption or Asia (specifically Korea) in general. Sound good to you? Great.

Now for today’s write up.

I found this online I was searching for adoption poems — why I might doing this will be revealed at a later date. It is a video of these two girls, well I guess women now they are only one year younger than me, who think they might be twins and were both adopted. One lives in Los Angeles and the other in London. The one in London found the one in LA.

Here’s a link to their Kickstarter.

Also, since I’m not a stealer, I give credit to Kimchi Mamas where I first saw this story.

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