Cashiers and Asians

It happened to me, Something sparked this post

I am such a horrible blogger. I have become wrapped up in my own little world…

However, I’m back!

Today’s blog is about business and the way cashiers tend to treat Asians.

I remember reading one time, I think it was for an advertising class, how businesses love when Asians shop. They automatically assume that we have a lot of money because we are Asian. Why you ask? Since we are Asian, we automatically have a great job that pays a lot of money. Right?

When I Googled “Asians and Money” the first post that came up was “Are most Asians money hungry and status obsessed?”. I find it amusing that people have the time to ask these questions on the web and get hyped up about it.

Anyway to get to my point. I brought this up because most of us have credit cards to pay for things we want. I used to work in retail and know that you are supposed to ask to see someone’s ID if it says that on their card (and usually just in general). Well, it is very rare that someone will ask to see my ID and I have that written on all my cards.

I went to pick up pizzas for me and a few friends. Some of us had cash and some us had cards. My friends with cards gave me their IDs just in case we needed them, which we all knew wouldn’t happen. My husband and I went to pay for the pizzas and we didn’t get asked for anything. We paid with a $100 bill and three different credit cards…how do you not ask for some form of identification with that kind of payment?

I think it is because I am Asian and they trusted me. Who doesn’t trust an Asian?

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