SK Adventure: Day 1

My South Korea Adventure

Most of my trip I wrote down in a great little book that my Mom got me before I left. Basically, I’m just going to type what I wrote down and add some here and there to what I remember.

Day 1:

2:00 AM EST- Wake up and shower for travel!
3:00 AM EST – Taxi to Union Train Station in D.C. -$42.00
4:00 AM EST – Train ride to Baltimore International Airport. ~$28.00
6:50 AM EST – Flight to San Francisco, CA for connecting flight. ~$1,400
11:00 AM PCT – Flight to Incheon International Airport (SOUTH KOREA!) -(Freaking forever flight!)

I’ve never been out of the country so this was an interesting experience for me. It was really odd to be in the waiting area and, literally, the only people around you are Asian. I know you are thinking, “Well you were going to South Korea…” I realize this, but it was an experience to be in the majority and not the minority for once. I swear this one guy kept blowing his nose…on the floor. It was gross. I also wasn’t accustomed to Duty Free items, so at first I was so confused with what that line was…

It was a long flight. Ashley and I weren’t sitting next to each other, but luckily the guy next to me was young and decided to try to talk to me. He was a student going home for the summer and said he would switch seats with Ashley (who was in the back of the plane). That was really nice of him, especially since Ashley was stuck with two Asian guys….who didn’t seem like they were very friendly when I went to tell her the good news.

Airplane food was odd. I think my favorite part was the to-go ramen noodles. It was a “snack.” And yes, we ate with chopsticks.

We finally arrived in Korea after an 11-12 hour flight. We got a little lost on our route to the Guest House…we were both a little cranky because we were exhausted, but we were so excited for the next day…

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