My South Korea Adventure

Wow. I did not realize March was the last time I wrote.  A lot has happened in the 5 month time span.

Today’s post is probably the most serious that I will write, considering what has been previously posted. I have also decided that this blog is going to evolve and not just contain funny stories that happen to me because I’m Asian. I will still post the stories, but I also want to include a section about my experience in Korea. I’ve realized I never sent out an e-mail (after searching for 30 minutes) describing all the sites and foods from my trip. So here starts a virtual adventure for you…

In May, I finished graduate school and decided to entertain a short visit to South Korea. I always wanted to go. I had the money and a few weeks time before I started my big job. I knew once I started work that it would be harder to take vacations, so I took the opportunity and ran with it.

My good friend from college, Ashley, was going to be in China in June for an internship. She LOVES anything or anyone from eastern Asian countries (literally, if she could be Korean she would be). She’d been to Korea before so I knew it would be nice to go with someone with some familiarity of the country and culture. We left the U.S. the second week of May to embark on our 10 day journey in South Korea…

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