What’s your name?

It happened to me

Dear Starbucks Employees:

Please do not ask me my name for your coffee cup and expect it to be something foreign that you know you will have no idea how to spell or pronounce back to clarify you got it right.

That’s right. My name is Megan. Not something crazy like Chun Hei Lee. Even if I used my given Korean name, Mee Ree Jo, you’d probably spell it wrong and write, Mary Jo.


I remember when I went to San Francisco with my parents for vacation right before high school. I wanted some coffee so we went into a Starbucks (because there weren’t any local coffee shops around). I ordered some girlie, calorie loaded drink. The barista had the hardest time trying to call out my name. When I looked at the cup -this is when phones did not have cameras or I would have taken a photo- it was some crazy spelling. It didn’t even come close to Megan. If I remember correctly it was something like, Mateofiawje. Okay, I just typed some random letters, but that’s what it looked like.

I still notice today, even though I do enunciate, the cashier taking a second look and questioning what they just heard me say. Almost every time, they say my name back with a question mark, “Megan?” as though there is no possible way that my name is something American.

Next time I go in, I’m going to make up some Asian sounding name and see what happens…

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