All Asians Eat Dog

It happened to me, Something sparked this post

“All Asians eat dog,” is what my college sociology instructor said to the class. I was sitting in the front row. I could feel all eyes on me when this was announced by our hands-could-rest-on-his-tummy instructor. Oh, just to set the record straight, not all Asians eat dogs. Do Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans even do that in today’s world? Maybe they did back in the day, I don’t know. Something else for me to research. I know they like sushi, but that’s fish not dogs.

Back on subject, I couldn’t believe my instructor said such a judgmental thing. I wanted to speak up, but I was in complete shock that a college professor would say such a thing. Plus, everyone was staring at me. How unbelievably awkward. I’m sure you are thinking that I probably wasn’t paying attention and took it out of context. The answer: No. A few students even talked to me after class, apologizing for the man’s idiocy. My friends had to calm me down because I got heated and so embarrassed that other students might actually think I eat dogs.

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