Asian Looks = Good in Math

It happened to me, Something sparked this post

I’m not sure why this stereotype got started -maybe that is something for me to research one day- but for some reason everyone just assumes I am great a math.

I will probably always remember this, but I went to a pre-football game party with some good friends of mine. I didn’t know any of the other people there. A couple parents came to the gathering while we watched some football and had some fun before the big game. One of the Dad’s started talking to me about all this Asian stuff. He started asking me if I was Chinese or Japanese. Then he started talking about Korea. Honestly, I didn’t listen to everything he said because I could tell I was going to get frustrated.

Later on, somehow the subject of math came up. One of the guys said, “I bet you’re great a math! I bet you’re a great driver too (which is whole other post)!”

I’m adopted, so you can’t generalize and stereotype me into these groups like most people do.

So no, America, all Asians are not good at math.

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