It happened to me

When I was in my senior year of undergraduate study, I was walking near the main building of the campus with a friend. We noticed a yellow school bus with a bunch of students who appeared to be in the 8th grade touring the campus. They were standing outside the bus getting ready to load in. My friend and I stopped to chat with another colleague when I hear, “Konnichiwa!” followed by numerous little boy snickers and giggles. At first I was in shock. I wasn’t for certain that was what I had heard, until again I hear yelled out, “Konnichiwa!”

I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there in complete shock that someone’s child would do such a judgmental, stereotypical, and racist thing. My friend glared at him, and wanted to say something to him. But I just said it wasn’t worth it. I hope that kid grows up and learns what’s right and what isn’t right.

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