Do you know Asian?

It happened to me

The second most question I am asked -when it comes to my Korean looks- is if I speak or know any Asian. What exactly does this mean? There isn’t a language called, “Asian.” Is there?

Today, a lady at work said she needed help with a bookmark she had that was in an Asian language. Since she was nice about asking me if I knew Japanese or Chinese (as in she didn’t just assume my nationality is Japanese or Chinese, which is a whole other story), I tried to explain Google Translate to her. I could tell she wasn’t following me with my explanation of copying and pasting the Asian text to translate into English, so I followed her back to her office to show her Google Translate.

Since I help people with their computer problems at work, I automatically thought she was referring to a bookmark on Internet Explorer or Firefox. When we got to her office, she handed me a piece of laminated paper. “Oh. You meant a real bookmark. Well, now I see why you gave me a confused look when I started talking about copying and pasting.”

I took a picture of the bookmark and told her I would find someone to tell me what it said (since all Asians know each other, right?). She’s had this bookmark for 15 years, and I guess I’m the first Asian she felt comfortable asking.

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