It happened to me, Something sparked this post

I start this blog off by naming it, “Herro.” Which is how I would talk, if I had lived in South Korea a good portion of my life and recently moved to the United States. I don’t think that is a mean thing to say, as that is usually part of the accent of an Asian person that has recently come to the States. The Ls usually get mistaken for Rs as it’s not something they are familiar with in their language.

To give a little background to this blog, it will be my random postings about interactions I have with people and my “Asianness.” What do I mean by this? Well, I was adopted so I don’t have the stereotypical habits of most Asian (or as some people call them Oriental**) people. It should be a pretty funny site with all my random stories, and if you know me then you know I get irritated by people and their stereotypes of me based on the color of my skin, hair, and the shape of my eyes.

Why do I call this blog, “A Fortune Cookie?” Well, that’s for a whole other blog post…

Keep tuning in and leave some feedback.

**I hate the word Oriental. I think it refers to food and rugs, not people. Other thanthese two times of using the word, “Oriental,” you will never see it again on any of my posts.

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