All Asians Eat Dog

It happened to me, Something sparked this post

“All Asians eat dog,” is what my college sociology instructor said to the class. I was sitting in the front row. I could feel all eyes on me when this was announced by our hands-could-rest-on-his-tummy instructor. Oh, just to set the record straight, not all Asians eat dogs. Do Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans even do that in today’s world? Maybe they did back in the day, I don’t know. Something else for me to research. I know they like sushi, but that’s fish not dogs.

Back on subject, I couldn’t believe my instructor said such a judgmental thing. I wanted to speak up, but I was in complete shock that a college professor would say such a thing. Plus, everyone was staring at me. How unbelievably awkward. I’m sure you are thinking that I probably wasn’t paying attention and took it out of context. The answer: No. A few students even talked to me after class, apologizing for the man’s idiocy. My friends had to calm me down because I got heated and so embarrassed that other students might actually think I eat dogs.


Asian Looks = Good in Math

It happened to me, Something sparked this post

I’m not sure why this stereotype got started -maybe that is something for me to research one day- but for some reason everyone just assumes I am great a math.

I will probably always remember this, but I went to a pre-football game party with some good friends of mine. I didn’t know any of the other people there. A couple parents came to the gathering while we watched some football and had some fun before the big game. One of the Dad’s started talking to me about all this Asian stuff. He started asking me if I was Chinese or Japanese. Then he started talking about Korea. Honestly, I didn’t listen to everything he said because I could tell I was going to get frustrated.

Later on, somehow the subject of math came up. One of the guys said, “I bet you’re great a math! I bet you’re a great driver too (which is whole other post)!”

I’m adopted, so you can’t generalize and stereotype me into these groups like most people do.

So no, America, all Asians are not good at math.


It happened to me

When I was in my senior year of undergraduate study, I was walking near the main building of the campus with a friend. We noticed a yellow school bus with a bunch of students who appeared to be in the 8th grade touring the campus. They were standing outside the bus getting ready to load in. My friend and I stopped to chat with another colleague when I hear, “Konnichiwa!” followed by numerous little boy snickers and giggles. At first I was in shock. I wasn’t for certain that was what I had heard, until again I hear yelled out, “Konnichiwa!”

I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there in complete shock that someone’s child would do such a judgmental, stereotypical, and racist thing. My friend glared at him, and wanted to say something to him. But I just said it wasn’t worth it. I hope that kid grows up and learns what’s right and what isn’t right.